Seppuku is a ritual of suicide that consists in opening the belly of a cut, an act where the person stops the stomach through the area of the hara (lower belly) in a straight line from left to right or in the form of cross. It is a method that causes the person to twist in a very painful agony while slowly drowsing to death. The Seppuku could be a volunteer, used by the warriors to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy or to expiate a dishonor to the code of honor or by mandate of a Shogun or court should a samurai commit a crime of murder, robbery or corruption.

Parts of the project

Book protector in a box format, the way to close and open the protector is in the same way that kimono works at the time of commencing the ceremony.

The protector is lined with cloth on the outside and lining paper inside. At the time of closing, one of the parts of the protector crosses the book as if we cut it and then closed it in the form of kimono with a bundle. The side of the protector also goes with a dry blow to the title of the book.

Book; Japanese binding with red yarn and red tinting to simulate the interior of the body and the blood that comes off at the time of cutting. On the cover there is the name of the book engraved in a dry blow without any ink while maintaining the sobriety and politeness. The cover paper is roughly textured to simulate the texture of the skin in a broken white color.

The book carries a horizontal cut in the central part (which crosses the protector) representing the cut of the traditional practice.